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About - Part 6

Rep teams are started

The below article, printed in the Beaudesert Times on 1st July 1981, invited players from throughout the district to play in the Clubs first night season.

rep team.jpg

The First Rep Teams

In April 1983 for the first time BDNA sent away 2 senior representative teams to play at the Senior State Carnival.

The No. 2 team is pictured below.

Does anyone remember who was in the No.1 team and have any photos ?

Rep Teams

With a little bit of searching we have found photos of BDNAs first representative teams - 12yr, 13yr, 14yr, Senior A and Senior B.

See some familiar faces ? 

1986 Rep teams

and 1994 Rep team

rep 80s 1.jpg
rep 80s 2.jpg
rep 80s 4.jpg
rep 80s 3.jpg
rep 80s 5.jpg
1994 rep.jpg
newspaper rep.jpg
1986 rep.jpg

Rep achievements

The 12 year, 13 year and 14 year teams were also introduced to representative netball.

The following article lists the teams and their achievements

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